Awol One & Mascaria - The Chemikillz, CD

$ 10.00 $ 13.98

A brand new album from SHAPESHIFTERS emcee AWOL ONE and producer MASCARIA under their new CHEMIKILLZ moniker. Thirteen tracks of deep grooving hip hop, delivered with dark themes, eerie textures, and champion beats. Features guest appearances from AKUMA, LIFE REXALL, LORD ZEN, GEL, 2 MEX, BARFLY, and EXISTEREO.

Track Listing:

1. Welcome Cemitary
2. When I'm Dead
3. Drivers Church
4. God is to Big
5. Mechanical Dolphins
6. Man Destroys Man
7. Ant March of the Skelletons
8. Dead Insex
9. Kem Eye Killers
10. Blood Red Villan
11. Choos Your
12. Chemikillz
13. One Hand Clapping

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