Mndsgn - Yawn Zen, LP Vinyl + Download Card

$ 16.99

Mndsgn - Yawn Zen, LP Vinyl + Download Card

Mndsgn is pronounced mind design. Songs on Yawn Zen were recorded “in a state of bliss,” as hip hop producer Ringgo Ancheta explains. “I’ve allowed myself to study the absence of daily struggle and it’s effects, and began to subconsciously paint that vibe in the music.

Includes MP3 download card.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Yawn

2. Homewards

3. Sheets

4. Frugality

5. Exchanging

6. Convert

Side B

7. Arklite

8. Camelblues

9. Txt (MSGS)

10. AM

11. Afternoon Shuffle

12. Zen

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