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LuckyIam.PSC - Justify The Means, CD

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PSC of the infamous Mystik Journeymen drops another solo album, Justify the Means. Guest appearances include the Grouch, Slug, Eligh, Murs, Gandalf, and Sunspot Jonz.

1. Solioquy (intro) (feat. Nasari Medina)
2. Can't Deny This
3. TakingovaDis
4. Highway Serenity
5. If I Do (Dig Deep)
6. Play This
7. Unsatisfied (feat. The Grouch & Slug)
8. Come Along
9. Believe In You
10. Watch What We Say
11. SHUT UP! (feat. Gandalf & Basik MC)
12. SmokedOUT
13. A Rave Review
14. You Know Us!
15. Not Perfect (feat. Tenashus)
16. FUCK HEROES (feat. Slug, Eligh, Murs & Sunspot Jonz)

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