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Lateef - Truth Is Love (Autographed), CD

Lateef - Truth Is Love (Autographed), CD

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Each copy comes signed by Lateef & D-Sharp.

"Truth is Love" mix tape CD, mixed down by DJ D-Sharp. A collection of exclusive tracks and classics all in one package.

1. Empress (Intro)
2. Take You Out Tonight (f/General Electrics)
3. Without Her (f/Mike Relm) 
4. Illuminate (f/Herve Salters, D-Sharp)
5. Baby Doll (f/G-Koop)
6. So Sexy 
7. Beautiful You (f/Joyo Velarde, Chief Xcel)
8. The Remedy
9. The Situation (f/Killa Kela)
10. I Want You Back
11. 5th Gear (f/Kid Kaneival) 
12. 24k Love (f/Joyo Velarde)
13. Broadway (f/Amp Live)
14. Champion Sound (f/Fatboy Slim) 
15. Brightest Star (f/Vivica Hawkins and Lyrics Born)
16. Catamaran
17. Side to Side
18. Everything I Am 
19. On, On & On (f/Headnodic & DJ D-Sharp)
20. Cool (f/Amp Live and Clyde Carson)
21. Hey Baby (f/Headnodic)
22. Look at the Sky (f/Herve Salters)
23. Losing my Control (f/Freeform 5)
24. Ay!
25. That Old Pair of Jeans (f/ Fatboy Slim)

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