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General Elektriks - A Good City For Dreamers, CD

General Elektriks - A Good City For Dreamers, CD

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General Elektriks is the brainchild of RV Salters. A French national and keen vintage keyboard player, he initiated GE just before moving to San Francisco. Using a computer, his oldschool keys and a SM-57 mike, he started sewing together loops, Funky keyboard licks, ethereal melodies and digital tweaking. GE became a musical journal that followed RV through his move to Seattle, then back down to the Bay Area, Berkeley, where he currently resides. There, he started laying keys down for the Quannum crew. Quannums own Lateef The Truth Speaker and Chief Xcel returned the favor by guesting on GE. Consisting of 12 songs from the journal, Cliquety Kliqk was first released in France by Bleu Electric, then picked up by Compost for Europe and by Quannum for the US.

Aesthetically, GE is a project that refuses to land in a particular bin at the record store. A mix of vintage sounds, hip hop beats, noir riffs, dreamy vocals, cinematic arrangements and digital twinkle, Cliquety Kliqk embraces all of RVs musical addictions. Radically new yet strangely familiar, General Elektriks is like a friend that you meet for the first time but feel like you've known all your life.
Track Listing:
1. Take Back the Instant
2. Raid the Radio
3. You Don't Listen
4. Helicopter
5. Cottons of Inertia
6. Little Lady
7. Engine Kickin' In
8. David Lynch Moments
9. Gathering All The Lost Loves
10. Mirabelle Pockets
11. La Nuit Des Ephemeres
12. Bloodshot Eyes
13. Rebel Sun
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