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Mike Relm

DJ Relm (aka Mike Relm) - Zodyax Scop System Level 2: Equilibrium, LP Vinyl

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DJ Relm (aka Mike Relm)  Zodyax Scop System Level 2: Equilibrium LP Vinyl

At long last the system of the Zodyax Scop has been deciphered. Thousands of years of philosophy, science, and religion have lead up to the development of this simple yet infinitely powerful tool. Each record of the Zodyax Scop has been tested for many years before its release as a perfect instrument. It is already a standard in many places where skratching has become the only form of musical expression such as Centris. It is the key to the advancement of the art of communication known as skratch and must be used only to share its beautiful messages. Without equality, there is no order. Each sound is laid out at 12:00 and 6:00 for absolute control over skratch conversations or competitions.