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Sirround Sound is a call out to all those hip hop heads who love to move to fresh beats. It is a culmination of Afro, Latin, Caribbean, Dub, House, and Drum-n-Bass beats that appeal to those who have appreciation for innovative sounds.

1. Mojuba (Afro Beat for Ellegua)
2. En La Cocina con Abuela (Feat. La Bruja)
3. Abuelita's Dance
4. Blue Hunny
5. Apache's Revenge
6. Uptown Rockers Dub
7. Red Lights and Cognac... & Table Talk by DJ Flo Fader
8. Papa Marion's Fight (Feat. Marion Brown)
9. Lifesavers (Feat. Fila Brazillia)
10. Velocity (Its Like a Jungle)
11. Brazilly
12. Chango's House
13. Enter the Sound (Emotional Content)

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