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Larry Coryell With The Wide Hive Players, CD

Larry Coryell With The Wide Hive Players, CD

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Larry Coryell, the Godfather of Fusion (Downbeat), joins forces with the Wide Hive Players for 13 electrifying new tracks.  Well-known for his driving tone and intricate flurries, Coryell delivers intense performances atop solid and expansive grooves established by the The Wide Hive Players.

Coryell plays a variety of guitars both acoustic and electric including Brownie, an internationally praised acoustic guitar custom made by Ken Parker as well as a 1967 Gibson 335 and a 1973 Fender Stratocaster.

Together the Players and Coryell have produced an album that pushes the boundaries of musical genre combining the rhythmic genius of Thomas Cree (Lyrics Born) and Matt Montgomery, Doug Rowans (Jazz Mafia) gritty saxophone, Mike Rintas (Sly Stone, Santana) bawdy trombone with producer Gregory Howes unparalleled ear and Coryells improvisational wizardry.  Adam Shulman ferries brilliantly between electric piano, B3 organ and a Yamaha C7 piano.

Primarily Jazz-Funk, the album also glows with overtones of soul, blues and has a definitive rock undercurrent.  Overall the record is timeless and current; both reflective of past craftsmanship while remaining progressive and original.

As one of the pioneers of jazz-rock perhaps the pioneer in the ears of some, Larry Coryell deserves a special place in the history books.  He brought what amounted to a nearly alien sensibility to jazz electric guitar playing in the 1960s, a hard-edged, cutting tone, phrasing and note bending that owed as much to blues, rock and even country as it did to earlier, smoother bob influences.  Yet as a true eclectic armed with a brilliant technique, he is comfortable in almost every style, covering almost every base from the most decibel- heavy, distortion-laden electric work to the most delicate, soothing lines on an acoustic guitar.
Track Listing

1. Torchlight
2. Cobalt
3. Terco
4. The Last Drop
5. Return of Shirtless
6. December Blues
7. Moody on My Mind
8. Moose Knuckle
9. Beauty and Failure
10. Honey Dijon
11. Tilden
12. Dream Scene
13. One for T.G.

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