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Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard! Vol. 1, CD

Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard! Vol. 1, CD

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Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard! is taken from the two-hour, monthly radio show that broadcast on KPFA and featured recorded & live DJ skratch sessions, as well as scratch news and DJ interviews. During its 13 episode run (Jan. 2001 - Feb. 2002) guests included: Kool Herc, Grand Wizard Theodore, D-Styles, DJ Flare, DJ Shortkut, DJ Apollo, DJ 8-Ball, DJ Relm, DJ Inesha (Alien Army), DJ Quest, Pam the Funkstress, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Malik (The Real World), Namane (Local 1200 DJs), DJ Pone, Mike Boogie, Snayk Eyez, (89 Skratch Gangstaz), Golden Chyld, DJ Ngobility, (Finger Bangerz), DJ Stoic, DJ Streak, 2 Fresh, DJ Sniper, DJ Tu Ki, Prince Jam, DJ Platurn & DJ Spair (Oakland Faders), The Backspin Boyz, DJ Cue, DJ Marz, Pal 58, DJ Cavo, Toadman, H.O.P., Tico, The Horizons DJ Project, & Christie Z (Tools Of War). The show also included regular skratch news reports by DJ Munkifunk and Billy Jam, graf reports by Yve-1, & DJ battle reports from Bas-One and DJ Pone. Other regulars included DJ Gamin (videographer) and DJ Syntax (board engineer & tales of getting gaffled outta twomp skrilla) plus a myriad of guests who stopped by just to hang out and enjoy the skratch-friendly environment. This CD compilation is taken from the show featuring live sessions and especially recorded tracks for Scratch Attack. There will be one more compilation CD (Scratch Attack Vol. 2) in this series scheduled for a September release.

1) DJs Stoic/Dank/Bonez Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard (Intro) (:31). Produced by DJ Stoic with contributions from DJ Dank (sounds) and DJ Bonez (scratches).
2) NoNekNed Skratch (4:07)
Skratch, which premiered on Scratch Attack, is taken from NoNekNeds limited edition, 7 single (500 copies pressed, B-side Women With Mustaches Make me Nervous!). Hailing from Dayton, Ohio (Mr. Dibbs country) the brilliant, albeit underrated, NoNekNed has been creating skratch havoc since 98 along with partner 1e Tch3, under the name Skratchmatix. Last year they released the battle record Vinyl Viagra which was pressed in Cali so they drove out all the way from Ohio to pick it up and also hang out for a few weeks in San Francisco last summer. Current projects for the innovative duo include a music project about UFOs and flying saucers which is a collaboration with the Bay Areas Future Primitive Sound Session. Contact NNN poolan1@aol.com or (937)851-1144, & his partner @ OneETCHthree@aol.com
3) DJ T-Rock Skratch It And Change It! (2:42) Atlantas DJ T-Rock has two full-length albums: Whos Your Daddy on Bomb Hip Hop (love that cover) and last years SikInTheHed on Stereotype Records/Nu Gruv. He has also contributed tracks to a grip of compilations including the BOMB releases Return of The DJ Vol. 3 and Vol. 4, and Contents Under Pressure. In fact he flew out to Frisco last Fall to perform at the BOMB 10 Year Anniversary celebration. T-Rock has also co-produced a song on OM Records Deeper Concentration Vol. III plus hes produced the music for TV spot on Cartoon Network. He can be seen in John Carluccios Battle Sounds Turntablist Festival No. 6. Currently he is busy in the studio recording a few different projects including a 6 song EP called The Annihilation of Ambient Audio which he promises will be some weird shit..exactly what it sounds like, Ambient rhythms and melodic scratches at random, but strategic points.
CONTACT: djt_rock@hotmail.com
4) Relm & Streak WeDigChicksDotCom (LIVE) (6:13) Formerly of the Supernatural Turntable Artists (STA) these two busy and fun-loving turntablists (DJs Relm and Streak) add a much needed dose of entertainment and humor (not to mention lots of breastessssss: check the covers of their PornoStas battle records) to a genre that can often lacks both. On bonus track (#23) they talk about their latest venture (the website that gave name to this live turntables assault: www.wedigchicks.com). At the start of 2002 Relm started producing a weekly skratch music/interview segment for Bay Area commercial station Wild 94.9FM Contacts: djrelm@yahoo.com, djstreak@hotmail.com, www.wedigchicks.com
5) Album Cover To Masturbate To (Crude Interlude) (:10) This sound-montage includes DJ Pone referring to the cover of Streaks Lingerie Breaks (PornoStas), a multifunctional battle record that brings new meaning to the term bedroom DJ.
Check out DJ Pones informative report in these CD liner notes on the relation between turntablism and porno. Contact: djpone@89skratch.com
6) D-Styles/Pone/Snayk Eyez Morbid Innuendo of the Skratch Kind (LIVE) (5:40)
Taken from one of the times when D-Styles (a regular show guest) stopped by to join the 89 Skratch Gangstaz Pone and Snayk Eyez for a totally improv session that rocks hard and demonstrates the collective talents of these three Bay Area natives. Most noteworthy is the amazingly gifted D-Styles (Beat Junkies/former ISP), whose long-awaited debut album (as distinct from his countless Dirt Style battle records), will soon drop. Titled Phantazmagorea it was premiered on Scratch Attack and is described by DJ Stoic as Easily the best solo scratch album.it succeeds on several levels: the quirky, the dark, the perv, the headnod-ridin and the raw b-boy battle circle.
7) DJ Stoic Autumn Shuffle (2:46)
Seasonal scratch music is how we categorized this moody autumn scratch tune (recorded especially for Scratch Attack) from DJ Stoic. It can also be found on the Oakland based/San Diego raised DJs underground CD Jack Move & the Beer Belly Blues CD. An in-house producer with Hip Hop Slam since 2000, DJ Stoic has added his production and skratch skills to several releases including the Turntables By The Bay series, Global Turntables, Shigger Fragger Battle Beats Breaks Loops & Shit, and other upcoming releases. He is currently on lockdown in his Oakland studio, charged with felony crate digging with intent to beat-jack, but is using the time to fine-tune his anticipated official debut album, slated for a late summer 2002 release on Hip Hop Slam.
Contact: stoic@hip-hop.com
8) DJ 8-Ball 2-Tone 8-Ball (LIVE) (1:58) Legendary DJ 8-Ball, winner of the 1992 West Coast DMC battle and the world champion 1993 NMS Superman DJ battle in New York, is a lifetime master manipulator of the tone as displayed on this excerpt from his live Scratch Attack studio set. A former honoree member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz DJ 8-Ball (a major fan of electro) is truly a Bay Area DJ legend and as such was honored with his own historic display in the recent San Mateo County Museum exhibit dedicated to Bay Area Filipino DJs. On the bonus track #23 you will hear 8-Ball recalling how young Bay Area DJs first got into the artform back in the early days. More recently 8-Ball has recorded such tracks as his tone-happy The Poetry of War of the Flies (from Turntables By The Bay) and is currently finishing up an electro CD. Contact: cls8saiyan@aol.com
9) Coretex (feat. DJ Vandal & Rubian) Skratch Caffeine (3:16) Hailing from the Netherlands Coretex is DJ Vandal (scratches) and Rubian (beats & production) who recorded Skratch Caffeine especially for Scratch Attack radio show and this compilation. Rubian, who began his career as an emcee back in the late 80s, turned to producing in 1994 with a Commodore Amiga 1200 and later on a PC with Wavelab, Octamed, and Cubase programs. His production & emcee credits include The Facedband, Keutel (Hybrid Metal), DJ Sniper (track on Global Turntables) , The Swot Team, Tha Thundabirds, and Suggest. Meanwhile DJ Vandal (DJ Snipers older brother) began DJing in 95 in his bedroom in the small rural Dutch town of Sneek (Note: at last count there were five scratch DJs in the town of 35,000). He formed the S.W.O.T. Team (Science and Wisdom Of Turntablism) with DJ Knowledge, Mista Sweet, and his younger brother DJ Sniper and as such contributed a track to Cues Hip Hop Shop Vol. I. Vandal also has two mixtapes out and is currently working on some new recordings including the Skratch EP that includes some skratch tracks by Vandal and Sniper, some instrumental beats by Rubian and Vandal, and a track by the Bulletproof Space Travelers!!
Contacts: vandal@home.nl rubian@home.nl
10) Rupert Jees Shout-Out (:07)
Our man Rupert Jee from Hello Deli (which we have lovingly renamed Hello DJ) gives and gets major props. Look for the soon to drop Ruperts Breaks on Chip Shop Spam Records and if youre in New York City stop by his spot at 213 West 53rd (near Broadway) and order a sandwich and soda from the man.
11) DJ Shortkut Aint It Funky (LIVE) (3:58) The incredibly talented DJ Shortkut (Beat Junkies/Triple Threat/formerly ISP) can do no wrong as witnessed on this live radio session. Also check out bonus track #24 in which Shortkut relays his sordid tale of crate thievery in Phoenix. Also look out for the anticipated Triple Threat (with Vin Roc & Apollo) full-length debut this summer. Contact: djsk1200@aol.com
12) Kraftjerkz feat. Kid Ginseng & DJ 704 Canibinoidz (2:17) Kraftjerkz featuring Kid Ginseng and DJ 704 deliver this great studio track which comes courtesy of the talented, teenaged, turntablist Kid Ginseng (who corresponds regularly with DJ Munkifunk and also his hero Eddie Def) and who is a big fan of electro and avant-garde. Kid Ginsengs discography includes the 2000 Germanik Robotz mix-tape and last years ILL_eKtR() CD. Keep your eye on this young talent.
Contact: kidginseng@aol.com
13) DJ Platurn Meltdown - Live (5:32)
East Bay DJ Platurn grew up around records. His father was a big time DJ back in his native Iceland. At twelve he learnt guitar but later turned to the decks and has been DJing avidly for eight years. Platurn is a member of the Oakland Faders (with DJ Spair) and is also DJ with the group MulaBaka (featuring drummer Sam Ospovat & David Bamberger on upright bass). His long discogrpahy includes: Mix Tape Series(Rings Of Platurn Vol. 1-8), Oakland Faders Flea Market Treats with DJ Spair, Cuts for Order 12 (What You Hear-1998), Beats and cuts for Eviction Suite #3-Highdivers EP(1999), Track on CueÃÃôs Hip-Hop Shop Vol.2(Oakland Faders-Dope Music-2000), Cuts on Funkmaster 2000 LP(2000) - Icelandic funk band, Oakland Faders Fader Beats EP(Stray Records-2001), and the MulaBaka EP. Contact: oaklandfaders#hotmail.com /(510)496-6088 - Oakland Faders Collective Hotline
14) Grand Wizard Theodore ID (:08)
Grand Wizard Theodore (GWT) who created the scratch back in 1975 does a shout out. Look for his spoken word intro on Global Turntables and also for his soon to drop compilation CD Hip Hop Headz on GWT Records. Contact: toolsofwar@aol.com
15) Snayk Eyez (LIVE) Bay Area Skratch (4:12) DMC champion DJ Snayk Eyez, who is featured in the movie Scratch, demonstrates his skills on this intense live session: one of the many hes done on Scratch Attack. As a solo battle DJ he won the first ever DMC Battle for World Supremacy in San Francisco in 2000 and made it into the semifinals in the DMC World Finals in London. In the DMC World Supremacy Battle in 2001 he placed second. As part of the Bay Areas ever-active 89 Skratch Gangstaz (with DJs Pone & Mike Boogiemember Badrok is on hiatus) his discography includes incredible group tracks on the BOMBs Return of the DJ Vol. 4 (Lesson 89), Hip Hop Slams Turntables By The Bay (Cut From Behind), and Global Turntables (Extra Credit: Lesson 3 Remix). Snayk Eyez is currently working on a battle record. Contacts: www.89skratch.com bookings@89skratch.com
16) DJ Quest Call-In Scratch (LIVE) (1:04) DJ Quest of Live Human/Bulletproof Space Travelers who couldnt make it into the radio studio for this interview called in and decided to do a short scratch routine over the phone too. Quests recently released the recommended cassette only mix-tape Pauze Dek. and the battle record Vinyl Headz Along with 2Fresh, under the name Mission Cartel, he produced the Vinyl Headz battle record. Meanwhile Live Human Live is just out on C.O.D. Records.
Contact: QuestDJ@aol.com
17) Sum-1 Come To Get Busy (2:51)
Hailing from down under as Bas-One introduced him, is Australias talented Sum-1 whose DJ battle titles include Australian/New Zealand I.T.F championship, Reigning S.A. I.T.F champ ( didnt compete in the Australian Final). Additionally Sum-1 has done skratching on tracks with Oaklands BukeuOne (while visiting Australia) and also Mass MC. Contact: mcookcon@adam.com.au
18) DJ Ngobility Turntable Nobility (LIVE) (1:34) Another amazing live skratch session from Scratch Attack regular DJ Ngoblity from San Joses world famous Finger Bangerz crew. Not only is DJ Ngobility an accomplished solo/team turntablist but he is also fast becoming one of the skratch worlds most promising recording engineers and mastering technicians: an example of which can be heard on the new Live Human Live (C.O.D. Records) which he edited and mastered at Studio Quality along with William K. Rudolph.
Contact: ngobility@fingerbangerz.com
19) Backspin Boyz Quit Playin With My Records (LIVE) (1:04) A rare US performance from the worlds first superstar DJ boy-band, The Backspin Boyz whose current lineup includes Pone (the main DJ on this live session), DJ Inesha, Munkifunk, & Snayk Eyez (note that both Timi D and Billy Jam were kicked out of the group right before they became famous in Asia). While back home in the USA they may be virtually unknown, The Backspin Boyz have enjoyed Top Ten pop success in such countries as Singapore, Korea, Fiji, and Japan. The fact that we are still unknown in America doesnt bother me, confided DJ Pone in an interview with TV Asahi backstage at Tokyo Concert Dome. I like it because it means when I get off tour and get home to the Bay Area I am able to walk down the street and not be noticed or mobbed by screaming girls.
20) Golden Chyld Sir Golden Chyld Boulevard (LIVE) (6:31) Just how fuckin amazing is DJ Golden Chyld from San Joses world famous Finger Bangerz? Well just check out this smoking live routine similar to the one he did at the 2001 DMC US finals at Club Townsend in San Francisco, or note the fact that the mayor of San Jose renamed First Street, the citys main thoroughfare, Sir Golden Chyld Boulevard. Info: www.fingerbangerz.com
21) Troubled Soul What Is Your Trouble? (1:16) Produced by Troubled Soul for The Heels Of The Bread (Thanks Mister Deasy) Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the talented DJ/producer/ label owner (Equilibrium) Troubled Soul now lives in Dublin, Ireland. His discography includes two volumes of Lightweight Weatherproof and Durable, and the recent Balance CD from where this segment was taken. He also has an excellent track (In A World of Trouble) on Global Turntables, has released a single with Exile Eye (Inessence), and is currently busy recording several projects.
Contacts: www.equilibriumrecordings.com djtroubledsoul@hotmail.com
22) Record Collectors (OUTRO) (:18)
A hodge podge of sounds that includes our mainman Bas-One plus a British bloke giving a diss to anal American record collectors.
23) What Is Hip Hop Records (4:53)
Set to beats from The Last Kreeps The Good Scratching Record (Chip Shop Spam) this track (the first of three bonus tracks) is a montage of snippets from various interviews conducted during the first year of Scratch Attack with some other radio show bits tossed in. Included are the voices of Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, 8-Ball, Relm & Streak, Pam the Funkstress, Bas-One, Munkifunk, and Billy Jam.
24) By The Time I Got To Phoenix Half My Crate Was Gone (1:17) This is an excerpt from DJ Shortkuts interview in which he explains how his crate was gaffled by some United Airlines baggage handler.
25) Too Hard For The Fuckin Radio (:23) Another collage of sounds including Bas-Ones infamous on-air diss of the N-Sync video in which that fat guy shows he cant scratch, man! and a footnote to the Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard! show which ultimately was Too hard for the fuckin radio!

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