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Dam-Funk - Toeachizown, 2xCD

Dam-Funk - Toeachizown, 2xCD

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Known as Los Angeles Ambassador of Boogie Funk, Dãm-Funk represents the citizens of the Funkmosphere. Headquartered in the Leimert Park section of L.A., Dãm (pronounced: Dame as in Damon) spent the last few years cultivating a musical renaissance rooted in the early-80s styles known as Boogie, Modern Soul and Electro-Funk. This next phase of the Ambassadors mission: continuing the classic West Coast tradition into todays scene with Dãms own original Modern-Funk compositions for Toeachizown, his debut album. By plugging in his arsenal of vintage synths and drum machines, Dãm channels the galactic harmonies of his inspiration into his own brand of new boogie. Stones Throw Records like-minded honcho Peanut Butter Wolf brought Dãm on to the team to glide into the future with his unique, synth and bass-driven vibe. Its a promising new chapter for Southern Cali space funk. Introducing Dam-Funk's debut full length album, Toeachizown, released as a 5LP set.

Vol. 1 LAtrik:
LAtrik takes listeners on an astral ride thru DF's original "modern funk" galaxy using his signature analog synth and old school drum machine mastery. Produced, recorded, written & sincerely funked without any loops or samples by D-F in Leimert Park, California.

Dam-Funk writes: LAtrik is more of my electric style (hence the title of this volume) which is influenced by, yet never bitin' such great artist as Juan Atkins (Cybotron) & Prince to name just a few. It also highlights the more modern sounds of L.A. based Funk right now with instrumentals like Toeachizown & vocal tracks like Mirrors which, I feel are distinctly my sound, humbly speaking. I hope U dig it, as this was made 4 U!" - D-F

Vol. 2 Fly:
From Dam-Funk: Fly is Vol. 2 from the full length album Toeachizown. The first 3 tracks Flying V Ride (which is a reference 2 the fabled UFO that many have reported seeing in their lifetime), Candy Dancin & Burn Straight Thru U co-exist as a 'suite' called The Move Suite. Yes, 3 songs that are joined together as 1. Candy Dancin also features a wicked synth solo & vocoder contribution by the 1 and only Mark de Clive-Lowe. The remaining 3 joints of this volume on this represent exactly what the title of this volume is: Fly. They're joints that U can roll 2. Let your hair down 2. Vibe with a lady 2 (or vice-versa), + stay 'fly' 2. I know there's still some fly ladies & gentlemen out there. This Vol. 2 from my Toeachizown project is...4 U." - D-F

Vol. 3 Life:
From Dam-Funk: "This particular part of my debut; Toeachizown is Vol. 3 & it's called Life because these songs focus on relationships; good ones & weird ones (if U will). These songs also include vocals on all the tracks. The one I'm most proud of in this juncture of the album is I Wanna Thank U (4 Steppin' Into My Life) as it's dedicated 2 someone very special 2 me who came into my life at the right time and without judgement. It's a full song. Hook, verses, bridge and ready for radio play. I just wanted 2 show that I can actually create a full song (if and when I choose 2), and not only way out there beats & such. All the songs on Life I hope connect with my friends who dig my take and contribution to this strain of Funk, which I consider Melodic-Funk, influenced by such great artist that came before me like: Loose Ends, KASHIF, MTUME, and some of Steve Arrington's (of SLAVE) more mellower solo joints. I also enjoyed creating Could I Be Loosing Another Lover?. This one's dedictated 2 all who may be able 2 relate 2 this type of situation. Bottom line, I just thank U 4 listening. Stay tuned for Vol. 4: Hood. Peace fam." D-F

Vol. 4 Hood:
From Dam-Funk: "This 4th volume of Toeachizown, subtitled Hood, is one of my personal favorites of the set. With these songs, I delved into another side of my life experiences. These are songs that peepz can glide to while hittin' corners down streets like Crenshaw Bl. in L.A., Lincoln Ave. in Pasadena, Whittier Bl. in East L.A., or any Bl. or street, for that matter, in the world, with total Funk confidence & ease. The standout track on this volume for me is "Brookside Park", as this is a park in my hometown of Pasadena, CA that I witnessed something very special & unique on one hazy Sunday afternoon back in the day. This particular track is over 9:mins long of pure Modern-Funk bizness. With lyrics that came to my head, while composing this on the spot, such as: "Brookside Park!...I'll never forget that the way that the sun shined there...Brookside Park!...Gangsta's & UFO's...Brookside Park!...If you were there you'd know....Brookside Park!"; I feel, with the overall soundscapes combined with the lyrics, captures the vibe of that particular day in my life, perfectly. This volume also includes tracks that MOST DEFINITELY BANG in the clubs such as: "Hood Pass Intact", "Killdatmuthafu*ka" & (the co-produced by) the Orange County based, up & coming Funk collective known as WIZARDZ with the uptempo glider; "Boogie Slyde". Another joint on this volume: "Mobbin' Thru Busters" is a synth-heavy, slow rollin' personal favorite of mine as well. All in all, this 4th volume subtitled: 'Hood' is for my true Funksta's, G-Funksta's, Gangsta's (keep it mild-mannered though y'all!), & just ALL genuine appreciators of this 'Modern-Funk' music coming outta Los Angeles, California at this moment. I hope U dig it. And, as with everything I do musically...this is 4 U. Peace fam & please stay tuned for the finale: Vol. 5 ~ 'SKY'."- D-F

Vol. 5 Sky:
'Sky' is the final chapter of my 5-part presentation of Toeachizown. I chose to round out the set on a totally positive vibe & level of sound with these songs. Joints like The Sky Is Ours I feel captures positive & uplifting vibes while still remaining based in the 'Funk' yet, with new types of chords & arrangements being experimented with + vocals throughout this particular song. I consider The Sky Is Ours to be one of my signature compositions in regards to sound, style, arrangement, drums, vocals, & keyboard playing. I'm very proud of this one. I'm glad that it was able to be released 'officially' on this project. I also hope U dig the rest of the joints contained on 'Sky'. With Nu-Frontiers I got to pull out my silver-sparkled Slingerland drum set and funk out for a bit, real tough for U. It, as with 99% of all my material, was 'recorded live' from beginning to end. Spacecapades is for the ultra critical headz whom hold the opinion that a lot of my stuff 'sounds the same'. Pleeaaaze! Just give Spacecapades a whirl, will ya'? 'New-Wave-Funk' vibes on that one, as well as on the joint Fantasy. Both made from the heart & without any irony attached, whatsoever. "Come On Outside" is a vocal joint that I hope U dig, which invites U to do just what it says: Come On Outside & Won't U Funk Wit' Me. It's long overdue y'all. And, I chose to close 'Sky' out with Keep Lookin' 2 The Sky, which I hope we ALL remember to do whenever we get low on this rock. Always fam...remember to: Keep Lookin' 2 The Sky! Peace & thank U for glidin' wit' me thru Toeachizown.
- Sincerely yours, DâM-FunK / 2009
Track Listing:
Disc 1
1.    Let's Take Off (Far Away)
2.    Come On Outside
3.    Mirrors
4.    One Less Day (feat. G-Shift)
5.    Brookside Park
6.    The Sky Is Ours
7.    (My Funk Goes) On & On
8.    Seachin' 4 Funk's Future
9.    Love Is Here 2nite (I Can Feel It)
10.    I Wanna Thank U (4 Steppin' Into My Life)
11.    Fantasy
12.    Keep Lookin' 2 the Sky
Disc 2
1.    Toeachizown (D*F's Theme)
2.    10 West
3.    The Move Suite
4.    Flying V Ride
5.    Burn Straight Thru U
6.    Candy Dancin' (feat. Mark De Clive-Lowe)
7.    Rollin'
8.    Hood Pass Intact
9.    Kill 'Dat aka Killdatmuthafu*ka
10.    I Gots To Be Done Wit' U
11.    Latrifying
12.    Spacecapades
13.    In Flight

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